Earn points and get rewarded

What are points?

Points are rewards given for performing various interactions on Skillsearch Nigeria. These actions covers the main activites on the website and a few others.

Why do I need points?

Rank higher than everyone else

Earning points can greatly increase your profile and portfolio ranking on Skillsearch Nigeria thereby connecting you with more clients and increasing your earnings.

How do I earn points?

You earn points when you perform any of these action.



Invite Friends

Earned when you invite your contacts from Gmail

500 Points

Invite Signup

Earned when someone you invited registers on Skillsearch Nigeria

250 Points


Earned when you follow other members

35 Points


Earned when you post a comment on other members portfolio

25 Points

Like Portfolio

Earned when you like a portfolio posted by others

15 Points

Like Comment

Earned when you like a comment posted by others

5 Points

** Please note that undoing any of these actions will automatically subtract the earned points.